Our political leaders from both parties have lied, manipulated and abused their power for far too long and it’s time for that to stop.

The Democrats have become a radical party that is fighting hard to bring this country down. They create policies designed to undermine the free market and capitalism. As they do, the economy and the people of America suffers from financial hardship. The Democrats uses the hardship they create to then go on the campaign trail, blame capitalism and free markets to take advantage of people’s hardship with the promise that giving them more power to expand these damaging policies will somehow solve all problems.

The Republican leadership, despite their talk, are mostly liberals in the closet. They go along with the destructive policies of Democrats with the only real difference being the pace at which liberty and freedom is destroyed.

Both parties want to attempt to state that conservatives are the problems, yet, conservatives have not been in charge on anything since the end of Ronald Reagan’s time as President. That Presidency created a strong economy and benefited so many that it was able to allow the country to withstand the destructive nature of liberals for the last 28 years.

But now we are at a time were if we don’t change and run from liberalism/socialism/communist policies, like so many Democracy in history, we will fall and a harsh dictator will rise up. It’s not too late, but we need to act fast.